Piers, Paul, Andy, Eddie and Ian all met as arranged and after introductions and coffee I began.
I began with a single skill check and set up change and found the missing skills in the technique required and then set off to apply this to the drop technique.

In no time at all, they were riding all three drops and landing perfectly and the ease of it all took them by surprise.

The guys then began riding the drops in pairs to replicate trail riding where riders interfere with your skill set, particularly vision.
I did a little work on cornering just so the guys could apply their drop technique in a real life situation and link it to riding a corner and they used their mental skills questions accordingly.

Next, I showed why the skills apply to getting up in the air on a fly out jump and they all flew into the air with ease and linked that later on to a drop too. We had a short break and then I began on apply the same technique to jumping the 6ft tabletop and gap jump option too.

I gradually added speed as they focused on the remaining skills and soon they flew over the tabletop with ease and to whoops of joy and laughter. Some even used their mental skills to ride the gap jump too with the same ease and result.

I wanted to show them how and why to pump the trail and how to use the gained energy to decide whether to jump or pump through sections on the trail and each of them got the hang of it and began to ride faster for free!
Our session ended as they began showing signs of mental fatigue and I gave a riding demonstration of the same skill sets in use in my own riding on a jump and drop line on the herts woodwork.
A cold beer was had by everyone and we toasted the end of an awesome session.
High5 guys!