On meeting Ollie I went through the outline for our session and we proceeded through the skills health check. After identifying the areas that needed work we moved on to pumping. This didn’t take Ollie long to get the hang of and in fact equalled the previous best distance without pedaling .
We moved through the drop technique and onto climbing. Ollie took a while here to adapt from his usual style of climbing but when the technique was adopted in his climbing ,Ollie managed to climb a lot further.
I then moved us onto the coaching trail and we worked on cornering and linking sections together and flowing down the trail using the trails energy. By now Ollie was really showing me that the new skills set was becoming more and more ingrained as Ollie rode corner after corner and drops smoothly and confidently.
We moved onto another trail to work on tighter corners and line choice and once again Ollie took to it and was riding smooth and fast.
Our day came to an end after the final run on the coached trail . Ollie said that run felt amazing and it was by far the best run of the day and demonstrated his total change in riding style.
Great day.