My old Rock Shox reverb dropper post died and I wanted to try another. I ride a small frame mach6 and it has a very short seat tube so the insertion part of the seat post needs to be short as possible. I tried a crank brothers post but it sat too high in the frame but heard the 150mm inserted into the frame more, giving me better descent height as well as pedalling height.

Delivery was quick and I took the post to for fitting. I was excited about trying it, so off to my skills area I went to see how it rode. The post has no “waggle” and the lever feels solid and gives a positive action and ease of operation. Whilst in the bike shop I got them to tidy up the cables on my bike with shrink fit tubing, along with the  front guard  it looks the nuts!


I like my seat as low as possible when jumping or descending so I can easily move the bike around in the air without fear of hooking up on my

 We have spent a lot of time armouring the trails for the winter and beyond this year and they are riding so well. I decided to film a little riding edit of the seat post in action too

I put together a little edit of a ride I did with my mate Tom filming it on his iphone. Not bad for an hours riding.



I have loved riding this bike for the past 18 months. I want to try 29″ next!