Darren contacted me wanting a one to one session and spoke of how he rides around most obstacles on a trail rather than riding them.
On meeting I ran him through my skills check and discovered footwork and looking faults but uncovered an awesome push technique too, I adapted his set up and the push became easier.
We went straight to the 3 drops to work on the drop technique and in a short time darren was landing perfectly on the smallest and used his new mental skill set to move along to ride the other 2 also!

Next, we moved on the trail to work on pumping, rock gardens, steps, jumps and linking drops. We also worked on Darren’s looking, footwork and also body positioning in flat, bermed, switchback and off camber corners.
We moved gradually down the trail linking each section by its entry and exit and the elusive flow that Darren wished to feel again just began to happen. We rode the trail end to end a few times before mental tiredness really hit and the session came to an end.
Great session Darren and I look forward to your riding updates.