I coached Scott over a year ago and he wanted to push his riding further and explained he had a fear of gap jumps and would like to perhaps ride a small one. Small is a relative term so I began working on his footwork in his left handed turns as he felt less stable in that direction and it was obvious to me why. We linked three berms together and began jumping again on the steep faced jump that comes after the berms and I was also able to show why the same skills sets enable style too.
 Next we moved to our old friend the 6ft tabletop and gap jump and I was able to work on his judgement of distance for effort and speed. This is an invaluable tool when jumping and Scott face beamed with a smile. 
 After a break for chips and coffee we resumed and looked at a 9ft gap jump that even after a few run ins , Scott said no to. We moved on to an isolated gap jump with a steep take off and that floated him into the air and his fears began to dissipate . A good few runs saw him ask to go back to the 9ft gap and we did. Scott’s mental skills added up correctly now and he sailed over it again and again and even rode the ladder gap jump before it when riding the whole trail end to end. What a session!!!!!!
 Scott, keep me informed of your exploits and let me know how the riding goes.