Jen’s fears are very common in female riders and she spoke of them when we met and as I ran her through my skills check.
I corrected her footwork and looking and also changed her set up to give her more control and better body position to under rotate her.
I show why we push a mtb and how to unweight the front wheel.
I then corrected her braking technique and this really enhanced her overall feel and control of the bike and the trail.
We began with the drop technique and to yells of delight, Jenn began landing perfectly and couldn’t believe the ease of it.
We moved onto the trail and began with pumping then linked that into a berm followed by a flat corner. Jenn’s footwork and looking paid dividends as she flowed through these sections using the correct braking areas.
We then began working on riding over rock gardens and linked those into a berm and a switchback corner. Jenn was smiling ear to ear and commneted how undramatic it feels now.
Next up we confronted another fear, steep and short up slopes. Not only did Jenn ride up it but she also jumped up it after a while once she applied her new found push.
I could see Jenn begin to tire so we had a short break before riding the whole trail end to end and to whoops of joy from her at the bottom.
Great riding and I look forward to your riding updates Jenn!