After meeting as arranged, I put Amy and Craig through the skills check where I look for specific skills already present. During this i found that both Craig and Amy both naturally pushed their bikes and to their surprise i told them this.
From un weighting the front wheel , we moved onto pumping the trail and Craig in particular really got to grips with this technique. It became quite clear early on what style of learner each rider was but also that they shared a similar mental barrier, FEAR!
We moved onto the drop technique and at first i used a small mound of dirt to enhance the feeling of the technique before moving onto a proper drop section. Slowly The mental skills developed and I worked on Amy’s concentration and Craig’s confidence very specifically..
From there we moved onto cornering and also linking each section on the trail together and using only the identified braking areas.
after 5 hours mental fatigue really began to tell and our session came to a natural end.
Keep me informed guys on how the skills work for you on your alpine holiday and beyond!