Andy contacted me saying he struggles to flow down trails where his friends just seem to be effortless. After the skills check I discovered why. Andy looked down all the time whilst riding and had no footwork, so I set out to remedy this.
We worked on unweighting the front end then onto pumping the undulations in the trail . Andy really got the hang of this and on leaving that section of trail he went 2nd farthest of all my clients without pedaling.
I then showed him the skills application to the jump and drop techniques. Once again he got to grips with the techniques and soon his confidence and commitment grew and grew.
We then moved onto a trail and worked on his cornering. During the skills check I found that Andy struggled with corners but now the skill set was flourishing he really began railing the corners. Slowly we worked our way down the trail , linking each section to the next and identifying braking zones.
The flow that Andy so wanted to feel began to happen and the smile on his face grew and grew.
We ended our session as Andy began to tire and had a leisurely ride back to the car park in the sunshine.
Great session Andy!