After seeing Mark and Jamie yesterday, Nikki and Emma turned up for their session. they wanted it separate from them as they have the same fears when riding. I explained the outline for the session and The skills check revealed some good habits that had been covered up by their fears but also their bad physical habits too. I made set up changes and showed them why and it all began to make sense to them right away.
We used a small drop so they could focus on their new foot, body and looking skills and it’s there that I also gave them 4 questions to always ask themselves when faced with anything that is new or that sets off a fear mechanism.
We moved to the skills trail and I worked hard on pumping and carrying speed from the trail. We worked on flat, bermed, switchback corners too and each time they did it the confidence shone through more and more. I worked on the rock garden as that triggers fear of the unknown and once both the mental and physical skill sets were applied they rode them drama free. We had a break for coffee and then went back to the trail.
Steep up slopes proved no problem as they applied their skills even though at first look they both felt they’d fall backwards and they applied the same push to ride the following step too.
I ran them through a braking correction technique and then onto steep drop offs where they had to roll and control speed to be able to ride the following corner and that proved no problem either. Finally, they rode the entire trail end to end and both had never felt so flowy or in control ever they said. Soon after, our session came to a close as mentally they were tiring and beginning to make errors.
Amazing progress ladies and I can’t wait to hear your updates