Tom had previously attended a public session with me and wanted another session but this time just with him and his brother Owen.
On meeting, I ran them through my skills check and made some set up changes and set to work.
We began with the drops and I began showing them how to style it in the air. later we linked drops into corners and also the tabletop and 6ft gap jump. They really got to grips with footwork, looking and their new body positioning. I worked on pumping and worked on gaining speed from the trail to jump a 9ft tabletop.
I moved them onto the woodwork to work on their control and their peripheral fears. From a low ladder, we moved onto a 7ft high one which they both were doubtful about but using their new mental skills set, they asked themselves the questions I give them and off they rode. Both landed perfectly and even began to style it too. We linked that into a berm and onto a step up and step down too. Things were really gathering speed.

We then moved onto a 9ft gap step down and linked that into a berm too. Both Owen and Tom sailed over it.

They were buzzing now and I could see mental tiredness creeping in but after a break for food and drink to get us out of the heat we moved onto a 14ft gap jump from a half cut tree. They used their new cornering, pumping and jumping skills and sailed over it time and again to shouts of joy and high5’s all round.

They both agreed that they were tiring and felt happy to finish there and then. I ended the session with a riding demonstration of the same skill set in use in my own riding on the fast, high woodwork of Herts.
Amazing session guys!