Owen came to me for coaching wanting an all round skills polishing. After the skills check I discovered some good habits and also where he was lacking. I set about correcting this and we moved straight onto drops.
Here I demonstrated why and how the skills apply to this technique and soon Owen was flying and landing perfectly.
Next we moved onto the trail. Here we worked on pumping, steps, rocks, fly outs and drops. As well as, flat,off camber, bermed and switchback corners. We worked our way methodically down the trail, working on each section and linking it to the next and using the correct braking zones.

We worked on linking sections together including drops into corners. We rode the trail end to end quite a few times and the flow in owen’s riding blossomed.
We finally moved onto the technique for jumping and once again it didn’t take Owen long to clear the tabletop and he even moved over to the gap side and rode that a few times too!
Our session came to a close here and I am looking forward to hearing of his future riding exploits.
High5 Owen!