Andy and Paolo came to me for a 2 to 1 skill session and after identifying the areas that needed work and also why, we moved onto the 1st technique, drops.
Using the skill set and working heavily on their looking both Andy and Paolo were landing both wheels together perfectly and riding away smooth. All 3 drop sections were ridden with commitment and concentration. confidence was high.
Next we moved onto the trail and worked on the 14 sections contained within.
Flat, bermed, switchback and off camber corners. Steps, rocks, pumping fly outs and linking drops into corners were all covered. We broke the trail down and worked on segments before finally linking all together. It was here that the boys really began to flow. We rode the trail together to emulate trail riding conditions and the boys got faster and smoother!

We used an isolated berm to work on body position and carrying speed through them before moving onto our final technique, jumping!

Here I managed their speed to allow them to focus on the 3 remaining skills and in no time at all both Paolo and Andy were clearing the table top. After a few runs, Andy used his mental skill set to great effect by riding the gap jump side of the table top too!
Here an awesome session came to a close as the boys were mentally tired. I ended by showing the exact skills I taught them in the context of large drops and jumps all linked together.
Great session.