Patrick, Nick, Christian and Simon’s session was booked by their mate Frank who couldn’t make the session but they wanted to retain the session and we went ahead.
 The skills check showed I needed to work on looking, body position and footwork in all sections and I made some set up changes to assist me. Drops were the first technique we worked on and They applied both mental and physical skills to the technique to land controlled and easily.
 Onto the skills trail and we broke the trail down into bite sized chunks and worked on them individually before linking them all together using line choice and braking control. Pumping, rock gardens, corners, steps, drops and fly out jumps were all ridden using the applied skills and their speed and control went up massively.

 We had a midway break for grub and on resuming they were riding the whole trail end to end and self diagnosing any errors as they now knew why I was right or wrong in any section.
 I could see them tiring and but wanted to use the rest of their session to show them why their skill sets applied to riding steeper terrain and they answered their skills questions to ride a near 40ft drop off with ease and Nick and Simon then rode a near vertical drop off too.
Our session  ended with a pint to celebrate the session in the local pub. Great riding and I look forward to hearing of their future riding updates.