Paul and Chris made the journey from Brighton for their session and I ran them through my skills check first. That showed me the missing skills and also uncovered a true nugget in any riders arsenal that they had no idea they both did. I changed their set ups and began working on their body positioning, footwork and looking.

We began with the drop technique and with their new skill set, both physical and mental they began landing perfectly. Eventually they rode all 3 drops with ease and the smiles never left their faces for the rest of the day.
I worked on braking technique too so that they could feel more in control in their over all riding.
We then moved onto the skills trail and its 14 sections and I began working with them on linking them all together.
Pumping was used to gain free speed and then linked into flat, bermed, switchback and off camber corners. Drops, fly out jumps, rock gardens and steps were all joined together as we worked our way methodically down the trail. I worked hard on linking the drop technique and cornering technique and the associated line choice before they began riding the entire trail end to end. Each run was faster and smoother as they began really blossoming with their new simple skills sets. Any errors were identifiable by themselves now as they knew why the error had happened.

For our final technique I began working on jumping tabletops and for this I used a 6ft tabletop. Neither of them thought they’d be able to jump it clean but in a few short minutes they were sailing over it with whoops of joy!

After a while I could see mental tiredness creep in but Chris still had enough in him to apply his mental skills again and ride the 6ft gap jump side too, bringing the session to a close.
Thanks for being part of an amazing day of progression. HIGH5!