After meeting as arranged, we proceeded through the skills check and onto pumping, unweighting and the disconnected bunnyhop techniques. Both Paul and Russ really excelled at the pumping and on leaving the pumping area , both managed to ride past the previous best by a client . great start to the session i thought!. we then moved onto the drop and jump technique and once again they took to it very well. By now I had identified which primary learner they were each and used this to good effect. I then let them try to climb out of the area with little instruction before making some changes and I demonstarted how to climb using their new skills set.
I then took them to the trails and we began working on cornering and linking sections on the trail together and the lads both started to really flow down the entire trail with confidence and control but also with loads more speed than previously.
we ended the session as the onset of mental fatigue showed and we rode back with smiles and a renewed skill set.
Thanks guys!