Paul’s day was a very interesting one, After the skills check i could see that he could ride his mtb but had some bad habits that needed correcting and if I could manage this the day would rock!
1st off was pumping and very quickly Paul got to grips with the technique and this also proved the case with the drop technique.
we went through technical climbing and onto the 1st of 3 trails during our session. the first one was methodically broken down into segments then linked together effortlessly. The second was a tight predominantly corners trail and after a stuttering start slowly with his footwork and looking really coming through Paul began to really flow down the trail. It became obvious that Paul’s mental skills were blossoming now and i suggested a move onto a trail with a larger drop section and loose corners and ended with a jump section. now bear in mind that I didn’t teach the jump technique per se to Paul but he was really getting the “just another section “vibe of my teaching.
Paul started in the top half and linked the corners sweetly and then after a run up check dropped the drop section bang on before cruising down to the gap jump for a look.
On walking back he declared that He thought he could ride it and On the next run he totally dialled the whole trail including the gap section.
I knew on meeting Paul and running him through the skills check that the day would be awesome but I never knew how awesome it would turn out!
High 5 Paul!