I have coached Paul and Tom previously and they returned for more with their two riding buddies Nick and Jason. They wanted to work on berm riding and jumping, so I set to work. I gradually built the session for them. We warmed up by applying their corrected skills sets to drops and then moved to jumping a 6ft tabletop followed by the 6ft gap. We took a couple of breaks during the session and continued with carrying speed through multiple berms and pumping and jumping sections of trail. We then moved to larger gaps and 7ft, 9ft and for Jason a 13ft gap jump was demonstrated and ridden. Bank rides were on the menu as well as popping off them. The guys were buzzing. I knew they were getting tired but in the final hour of the 6 hr session we worked on linking multiple gap jumps on a trail. The pictures and videos speak for themselves.

Magic session.



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