Paul came to me on his birthday last year for some
Mountain bike coaching, and returned to improve his skills and push himself further. I quickly ran him through the skills check, as always, to see what information he had retained and what he was missing. All was looking good so I moved him straight into drops and then the table top. On both I slowed him down and got him to increase his effort for the same result. He also rode the gap jump before we moved on. I done a little bit of cornering on the hill, and then linked drops into corners. He had ridden this before, and you could easily tell as he flew off the drop, landing smoothly and flying round the corner which followed. Towards the end of our session last time he began to jump off the steeper roll in we teach in the quarry, and he wanted to feel comfortable on this, so I took him there and showed him the mechanics of this, and he was soon flying off it and landing perfectly. I showed him dropping in sideways here also. I then took him to the three linked berms. This was mainly to get him comfortable so I could show him the wooden gap jump afterwards. He was sailing over this before long. The 9ft gap was next. I had showed him this last time but he was unable to answer his mental questions. This time, no problem with it after I demonstrated and he had a quick run in to check line and speed. He then linked these two together in a line. After lunch, we worked on some north shore. I first showed him how to control it if it went wrong, to avoid jumping off, and within an hour he was linking wooden ladders with corners and undulations, higher ladders, dresses and wooden ladder gap drops. He was blown away by this and was giggling like a kid. We went over to the alpine switchbacks, which he didn’t ride last time, and I wanted to bring him down a bit after being full of adrenalin. It was at this point Paul called an end to the session as he could feel he wasn’t concentrating, both on these and the chute drop which he rode last time, so we headed back.

Nice one Paul. It’s great to see when someone returns having taken on board everything you have shown them.

Nath (@ukbikenath)