Paul got a voucher as a present for his session and although he recently got into riding after years away, he had a background in bmx and that was something I could use and dip into.
The skills check revealed the missing skills of footwork, body positioning and looking and I worked on these before moving onto the drops.
Here Paul applied his push enhanced with looking to great effect and I even worked on style in the air.
I worked on berms very hard with him before we rode drops into a berm where I worked on line choice and braking.
Next up was jumping, and using the tabletop I showed Paul why his push applied again and he was soon up in the air sailing over the jump perfectly. He then moved across and rode his first gap jump of 6ft to his amazement and then began styling that up too!
I moved us onto the 9ft gap jump and here Paul used his mental skill set to ride it. The session wasn’t over as Paul wanted to learn vertical wall rides and so we had a few runs on that too before ending the session to a cold beer.
Great session.