Paul contacted me via a recommendation from a previous client (Adam) . As always I began with the skills check which let me know what riders don’t do but more importantly, what they do naturally.
With Paul I identified some key skills that needed work and also uncovered some nuggets of skill that Paul had developed over his riding experiences.
The first technique we covered was pumping, then the bunny hop before moving onto the drop technique. All these techniques came easily to Paul, so we moved onto jumping a tabletop. With a few tweaks and with me managing his speed to keep him safe Paul was soon airborne and loving it.
From there we moved onto a trail where we worked on cornering heavily and then linking sections on a trail together. Gradually the trail really began flying by and looking, footwork and body positioning was worked into the cornering technique.
I broke the trail into 3 segments, working on each segment before joining them together and using the correct braking areas Paul was flying smoothly down the trail.
At the end of our session i gave Paul a couple of areas to work on and keep me updated on in future.
Great session.