Pete and Emma have been coached previous over the past couple of years at llandegla in north Wales and now wanted coaching from myself. On meeting I gave them my commitments for the session and for after the session and began working on their riding with my skills check.
I identified the present skills and also the missing skills. I set to work and changed their set ups and then moved onto the drops to apply their new skill set, both mentally and physically to the drop technique.

I worked on their body position in this technique to enable them to begin to style it in the air.
From there we moved onto pumping and using the technique to use the energy present in every trail.

We then used this speed to carry down the trail linking the 14 sections together using the correct braking and pedaling zones.Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback corners were linked with steps, rocks, fly out jumps and drops.
We moved along the trail methodically adding the next section to the previous one. I worked hard on footwork, and body position in corners and soon they began to flow along the trail.
They both had possessed a natural unweight of the front wheel and I enhanced this and showed them why it is used in mtbing. They really began to develop and Emma really felt in control as she cornered now and Pete’s new body position enhanced his footwork.
I covered their mental skills earlier and they asked themselves these four questions when faced with any section that bothered them. I worked on line choice when linking drops into corners too before we rode the whole trail end to end.
Each run became more relaxed and fluid and they could feel enhanced control and confidence in their riding.

Finally we moved onto our last technique, jumping tabletops.
In a few short steps they were sailing over the 6ft tabletop and even the gap jump side too. Their body position really helped their control in the air and they landed perfectly over and over.

Our session ended as mental tiredness began to show and I wrapped it up with a riding demonstration on the high woodwork of herts using the same skill set I taught them.
Awesome session!