Pete got a gift voucher from me for skills coaching from Julie and she decided to join him on the session too. The 1st thing I do is see what skills are there already and install what is missing before even moving onto techniques.
The first technique we covered was the drop technique where both used their natural unweight of the front wheel to land perfectly. After a few successful goes we moved onto the skills trail where we worked on the 14 sections contained within it including steps, pump bumps, rocks, fly outs, drops and flat, bermed and switchback corners.
Each section was methodically stitched to the next using the correct braking zones and the flow began to happen. Gradually we worked our way down the trail until we they were riding the complete trail and really riding fluidly and relaxed. I worked heavily on footwork and looking as well as body positioning. I also went into the mental skill set required for all techniques too.
Finally I worked on body position on steeper descents with Pete and we ended our session as daylight faded with smiles all round. I gave them feedback and things to work on too as we warmed ourselves around the fire.
A great end to a great session.