Pete came to me on recommendation and contacted me a few weeks back and today was the day. I could see when he turned up that I would need to change his set up too. Once I had ran him through my skills check and changed his set up technique suddenly became easier. I worked on footwork, looking and body positioning in all areas and the set up change enhanced these changes. I began with braking technique and moved his braking in straight lines from the rear brake and onto the front.

Pete said he’d never been able to get air under his wheels in all the years of trying and to his massive surprise, he was airborne 1st go on the kerb sized drop.

In no time at all he was on the middle drop riding it at different speeds for the same perfect landing.
I moved us onto the skills trail and worked on pumping the trail first. This took Pete by surprise as when he got the timing right he could feel the acceleration.

Pete then used this to ride the following berm, flat corner, rock garden and switchback berm. We began working on steep up slopes and why the skill set is used to generate momentum.
I showed the disconnected bunny hop and why a 2nd push is used not a scoop and to Pete’s amazement his wheel rose up way higher than ever before.
Our session continued with more corners and rolling drop offs and line choice into corners and Pete began making errors due to mental tiredness and our session ended just as it began to rain.
Great improvements Pete and I look forward to our on going coaching connection.