On arrival Pete told me of having been coached by another company and of his aspirations for the session. He was recommended by Robin Betts whom I coached nearly 2 yrs ago!
The skills check revealed footwork, looking, braking and body positioning faults so I could see where his lack of confidence in his riding was coming from. I made some set up changes and the effect was immediate.
We moved to the drops and Pete’s new skills were shining through as was his smile as he began riding all 3 drops and landing perfectly and easily.

On the skills trail I began by breaking it down into bite sized chunks so Pete could focus easier. Pumping undulations on the trail was first up and we used this free speed to link the berm and flat corner using his new footwork, looking and body positioning. I later added in the rock garden and 2 further corners and Pete linked them in too. We had a short break and began further down the trail on the fly out jump and linked that to the following corner and step before riding from the top and linking those 9 sections together. The fluidity in Pete’s riding was evident now so I worked on linking drops into corners and the importance of line choice when doing so. Soon he was riding the entire trail end to end and linking all 14 sections together nicely and controlled. Seeing him fly off the drop and linking it confidently into the following corner was a joy for me as it meant so much to him to do so.
After a few runs of the trail I moved onto the pump and jump trail to develop his pumping further so he could generate enough speed through 2 sections to get airtime on the 3rd. After 30mins doing this Pete was tiring mentally and called an end to our session.
Awesome riding Pete and I look forward to seeing you again.