Pete contacted me asking whether I had anything I could do to enhance his riding as he had been riding for years. After building up a picture of his riding through his experiences on a bike I pretty much knew what direction the day would take as Pete wanted to maybe try jumping if possible.
As usual, I began putting him through the skills health check which enables me to see what a rider does automatically and also what they have missing skills wise.
Pete’s footwork in corners was great, so I knew with a few tweaks I could get him cornering faster and more controlled. But 1st we began working on unweighting, manuals and pumping the trail. Pete really go to grips with these techniques and we swiftly moved onto the drop technique. Pete had an issue with his back foot rolling onto it’s toes that needed correcting so we worked hard on that and soon Pete was flying. We moved onto a table top to learn the basics of jumping and after a short while Pete was clearing it. By now, Pete’s confidence was soaring and I had to reign him back to keep his progress safe and controlled.
We then moved onto a trail and I broke it into three segments. We worked on the top segment first and really got to grips with cornering. I then moved Pete to the second segment and demonstrated once more what was required and Pete really got to grips with it before we stitched the two segments together and the flow of the trail really became apparent. I moved Pete down to the last segment and on seeing the final drop section Pete’s confidence dropped slightly so I isolated the section down further and he nailed the drop and suddenly he was back brimming with confidence and commitment. We then rode the entire trail end to end and stitched all the sections together fast and flowy with way more control then before we started.
Our session ended as mental fatigue showed itself .
A great session to end an awesome day.