Phil came to herts yesterday evening and stayed locally so he was fresh for the session. His partner Becca had been on a session with me a while ago but kept quite on what and why I do things.

The skills check revealed looking and footwork was missing but also an awesome body position habit that flourished once the 2 missing skills were corrected.

I changed his set up and set to work firstly on the drops.

I showed why the skill set applied to this technique and Phil rode all 3 easily and confidently, using his mental skill set too.

We moved onto the skills trail and it’s 14 sections which I broke down into bite size chunks so we could work comfortably on the skill set.

Pumping was used to generate speed from the trail. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked to rock gardens, fly out jumps, steps and drops. Phil was surprised how easy it was to get air time on the fly out jump and soon began to relax into his riding and the flow soon followed.

We worked on linking drops into corners too before finally riding the whole trail end to end a few times. Each run was more fluid than the previous and Phil could tell me any errors in the run as he moved through conscious and unconscious action.

I gave Phil a choice of pumping development on the pump/jump trail or learn to apply the skills set to jumping tabletops. He chose tabletops.

It took him no time at all to clear the tabletop and as the video shows from his first clear, he needed to unweight the rear to nose into the transition. This he corrected on his next few goes and was landing perfectly. A lack of concentration and a front brake that decided to work (thanks avid) made him wash out on the fire road as he stopped for another go. This showed mentally he was tired and we ended the session there and then.

Great session Phil and I can’t wait to hear the riding updates.

See you soon.