When Carwyn contacted me it was clear he had gained lots of riding experience across the world and wanted to get to larger drops, jumps etc but it was important to iron out the skills in the techniques first. On going through the skills check I found that he always looked down in all sections and had footwork faults, so here is where I began.
We began with pumping and the bunny hop before moving straight to a trail to work on cornering and linking sections together. With small adjustments and tweaks, Carwyn was flying down the trail lapping each section up but it was on the small drop section that I found he pressed downwards with his legs to touch down whilst in the air which made him land hard and on the back wheel. We worked this out of him and after a couple of complete runs of the trail we moved to a small table top to work on jumping.

Here I found that at slow speeds Carwyn pulled on his bars to try to make up for lack of speed and it made him lurch to one side. This we worked on and removed very quickly but it was something that we used on the drop technique on larger drops by turning it into a tweak therefore changing his focus onto something else and his body position benefited too.
We ended our session on part of another trail with looser, tighter corners and sections.
I know Carwyn’s riding with really move up a notch over the coming months and I look forward to hearing from him.