What a session this turned into. Jock and Marissa arrived as arranged for their 2nd session with me and I began with basic cornering as I could see a body positioning error in their turns and then onto carrying speed through berms. They wanted to ride steeper terrain but that would come after we worked on linking drop offs into corners and they were amazed at the effect their new body position had. Onto a near vertical drop off and again the same controlled and easy out come blew them away.
 We then moved to jumping and I worked on effort,speed and distance and worked on developing judgement using this. Marissa was flying easier than ever but her session had to end early as she had to pick her son up from school, so myself and Jock carried on. Jock used his mental skills to ride his first ever gap jump and the 6ft gap sailed beneath him and the shocked look on his face was a picture. A few more clears followed and it was time to move on. The 9ft gap jump he’d seen in the morning now was something he was faced with and after two demonstrations from myself at different speeds , Jock followed and cleared it too and the adrenaline soared through him and the shakes began. Two more clears followed and I knew he was knackered but had a little left . We moved to the woodwork as he was fearful of that style of riding and in the final 15 minutes of our session he’d rode a line he couldn’t walk on when he saw it.
Amazing session and great people to hang out with.