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Mark, Gavin and Michael are going to the Alps next month and wanted a session and Jon joined the session too even though he wasn’t going with them. They all wanted to ride steeper terrain, jump, drop and carry speed through turns and maybe even do a gap jump. Well, that’s pretty straight forward and today’s mountain bike coaching session panned out like this.

Footwork, looking and body positioning needed correcting before i could begin working on their mental barriers by correcting their mental skills too.

Drops were first and then cornering through berms . I worked hard on Jon’s footwork especially but soon he was feeling far more confident. We moved on to various steep sections and I demonstrated different ways of riding such sections. Micheal and Mark were using two very different techniques now and loving the control as airtime into steep landing worried him. Gavin was a natural and he really took to his new skills set. We linked drops into corners and worked on braking ad line choices. We worked on pumping and absorbing multiple sections of trail and carrying speed through three berms and also when and why to jump some of them. To end the session I demonstrated a nine foot gap jump which both Mark and Gavin added up their mental skills to ride it.

Amazing progression today guys.






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