I coached Ashley on a public session last year and he enjoyed it so much that he wanted to push his riding on further by having a private one to one skills session with myself. The skills check showed me that he’d worked hard on his skills set and that I needed to work on his cornering body positioning and also work on linking multiple sections on faster trails that involve corners and jumps. We worked on pumping and carrying speed through first one, then two and finally three linked berms. I worked on judging distance for speed and effort on a 6ft gap jump before moving to riding steeper terrain and the various ways of riding near vertical drop offs. We then worked on bigger gap jumps,a 7ft gap,  9ft gap followed by a berm, then a 13ft gap sandwiched between a pump bump and a berm. This was a first for coaching as it is too technical for many and that makes it mentally far greater a challenge. We ended our session on the first 2 gaps on a trail called air supply. Amazing progress and a lovely guy to be around.