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Danielle, Lewis, Paul and Evan have been coached by myself previously and wanted to return for a polish up before their impending summer trips to Wales and beyond and brought along Tim for the session too. Now I know how they all learn and I was able to capitalise on their session by using their idiosyncrasies to benefit them.

We began with drops and then moved to jumping which was high on their “list”. Soon they were all sailing over the 6ft tabletop and then some even moved across to the gap jump side. For Lewis and Tim it was their first ever gap jump.

We then moved to riding steeper terrain and various ways of riding a near vertical drop before moving to linking steeps into cornersĀ on a new trail for them.

We spent some time again on cementing their jumping by moving back to the 6ft tabletop and gap jump before working on linking drops into corners via line and control areas.

Our session then moved to what would be our final application of their skills sets to a 9ft gap jump. Here they were to ask their mental skills questions to decide to ride it or not and Paul, Evan and Tim sailed over it as the pic show before the session came to a close and we all celebrated an awesome session with a beer in the local pub.






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