Julian and Rob are off to the Alps next month on their annual holiday and wanted to get a skills tune up as they have never got any air before and were not that great in corners either. The skills check showed me why this was the case and I began working on their footwork and looking and then later on ,their body positioning. We began with the drop technique and any worries soon subsided as they began landing perfectly and controlled. Using their mental skills they choose to ride all 3 drops with the same result. Along side the drops is the 6ft tabletop that they said they’d love to one day be able to ride and I smiled as I knew today would be that day, just not yet.
 We worked on cornering and used two berms to carry speed through and the change in them now was obvious to see as they became faster. We moved to the skills trail and began working on their singletrack skills and linking multiple sections of a trail . Flat, berms, off camber and switchback turns were linked to pumping, steps, rock gardens and drops and along with braking control and line choice they began to really shift down the trail.
 After a couple of hours of trail riding it was time to move to their biggest fear and hope, clearing a tabletop. In a few small steps they were over the 6ft tabletop and the smiles were wider than the thames as they rode it over and over again. The sun shone down and was tiring them quickly but not before they both rode theri 1st ever gap jump a few times and the amazement on their faces was a sight to see.
What a session guys.