ryan came to me for a session on recommendation from www.nirvanacycles.com and on meeting I gave Ryan the basis of the session andI set to work on the skills check.

The check revealed an accomplished rider but with missing skills that bogged down his techniques. once corrected the session gathered pace.

We applied the skill set to the drop technique and as I worked on his body position, it enabled me to teach him how to style it in the air.

From there we worked on the skills trails 14 sections and linking them together. Flat, bermed, switchback and off camber turns were linked to rock gardens, steps, jumps and drops. I worked on pumping the trail to use the trails energy and things really began to take off.

I worked on line choice when faced with linking sections together. As Ryan developed his looking and body position, the mental skills began to flourish also.

I worked on his jumping technique on the tabletop and 6ft gap jump before moving onto the pump and jump trail.

I developed Ryan’s pumping of the trail further to enable him to jump sections on the trail without pedaling.

He linked the 10 sections on it together fluidly and was easily clearing the step up too.

Lastly, we moved onto a wooden berm to work on his mental skills also when faced with steep banked berms and wooden features.

Thanks for being part of an amazing session dude!