What a session this one was. 5 riders arrived as arranged after 3 had to pull out as they were travelling together and had vehicle issues. The skills check and set up change revealed the missing skills and once replaced, I worked on their mental skills and applying them to various techniques out on trail. We worked on drops up to 1 meter, then worked on linking drops up to 4ft into a corners by line choice and braking areas. All riders were amazed at the quick improvements.
We moved on and jumping was next and we spent time on a 6ft tabletop and they all cleared it over and over again with ease after some tweaking by myself. They used their mental skills to decide to ride the gap jump or not too.
I worked on pumping terrain to gain speed to jump a 9ft tabletop on another trail and soon they were choosing when to jump or pump and linked two berms in and carried enough speed to ride the 7ft ladder gap jump after them. Amazing!
We moved on to another trail and once I’d shown them why body position is so important in riding steep stuff too they were off riding a trail with steeps, corners and jumps. I was even able to teach moving the bike in the air too.
We ended the session working on manuals, pumping and jumping and we stopped as errors began to appear and mistakes began to occur.
Awesome riding guys!