The session was supposed to be 5 riders but after an injury on Sunday, one had to drop out and Pete and Nicole were no shows, I ended up doing the session with Si and Richard.
I began with set up and the skills check where I discover what is missing in their riding in terms of the skill set. I changed their set ups accordingly to enhance their skills.
We began with the 3 drops that are of differing heights and in no time at all they were both sailing over them and landing perfectly.

We then moved on. I gave them some cornering coaching to as I like to keep it realistic and get them to link drops into berms and once again they began getting to grips with it quickly.

After a while it was time to show why their new skill set made it simple and easy to jump. I used a flyout jump for this and eventually we moved onto a 6ft tabletop.

After a while , they were both landing on the transition sweetly and the smiles were beaming ear to ear. I could see they were tiring in the October sunshine but I wanted to show them the pumping technique and use it to gain speed along a trail.

Both Richard and Si connected with the technique very well and in a short space of time but the heat of the day and the mental aspect of my coaching sessions really took its toll and our session ended with myself giving a riding demonstration of the same skill set in use in my own riding.
A cold beer was shared in the shade as a fitting end to a great session.