Simon, Rich and Dave arrived for the public session after booking in a few weeks ago and securing their spot. The day arrived and I explained what we will be covering in the 4 hour session and I began but checking for their missing skills during my skills check. footwork, looking and body positioning were in need of correcting and then I worked on cornering and controlling in entries not in the corners them selves. We worked on braking technique which really hit home when riding steeper terrain later in the session. We worked on techniques required to ride flat,bermed, off camber and switchback turns. Rocks, steps, drop offs and steep up slopes. I demonstrated everything first and then ¬†they had their runs. It wasn’t long before they were linking the 14 sections on the trail easier and faster than before the session and with way more control too. By the end of the session , all Three were knowing why it felt right or wrong in any section and their old riding styles proved non effective or efficient.

Awesome start to the public sessions for 2015.







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