With 2 riders unable to make it on short notice it left me with the remaining 2 riders to work with.
I quickly discovered what skills were missing and which were present already. I could see that I would be working heavily on cornering basics but also I could see the natural push to un weight the front wheel in both riders too.
Through out the course of the session, we worked on different techniques found on blue grade trails and also beginning to touch on red grade too.
I worked heavily on the footwork and looking of the riders in cornering and also in enhancing the push needed to the drop technique among others.
We worked on identifying braking areas and sections where we must do something on the trail.
small rocks, steps, steep roll ins, up ramps and drops were all covered. I also worked on steep roll downs into corners where braking zones were paramount to control the entry to the corner.
I ended the session as mental fatigue showed. I look forward to my on going coaching connection with the 2 ladies and being part of their future development.
High 5 Gen and Jane!