After having to adjust the formula of the session due to a table top being taken out I met Kate and Richard who wanted to go ahead and have an all round session with me.
After the skills check I found they had similar existing skills and missed looking in to the next. I set about correcting this before moving onto the bi lateral pumping and dis connected bunny hop techniques. Both Richard and Kate got to grips with these very quickly so we moved to the drop technique. Once again Kate and Richard got into the air very quickly and I worked on the skills that must be present within this technique with them and began building their mental skills too.
Now came time to move to a trail and work on the sections contained within. Cornering was heavily worked on as was identifying braking areas and linking sections together using these.
We worked methodically down the trail and finally had a few runs down the complete trail to cement the skill set further.
An awesome session in many ways!