Nik came to me for coaching 2 years ago and earlier this year he broke his shoulder in a corner so our session was about building his confidence back but first I needed to isolate what skills were missing and why.We warmed up with drops and then we worked on speed,effort and distance when jumping and we used a 6ft tabletop and gap jump for this and Nik was blown away by this and that old smile grew on his face once more.
I moved to cornering and used a single left handed berm and I could see no errors but when he turned right I found why he was crashing. Nik was giving away body positioning and this needed remedying. Slowly but surely Nik got smoother and therefore faster through both berms and soon added the 7ft gap jump follwed by the ladder drop that follwed.We took a break as the mental strain from cornering was taking its toll on him.
We resumed on a new trail to work on his pheripheral fear as he was heading to the alps for the 1st time in a few weeks time and I needed to help him. We worked on rolling down steeps into corners and linked a faster trail than the skills trail together, even riding the near vertical drop off at the end in a variety of ways and now he was buzzing! We worked on linking drops into berms too before We moved to jumping a larger 9ft gap jump and Nik linked all the previous berms,gaps and drops into the line and was grinning like a cheshire cat as he was now railing berms and turns. For our final task we worked on a 12ft ladder gap that nik sailed over a few times before the adrenaline and mental tiredness got the better of him and we ended the session with massive smiles and I knew Nik was back and ready for the Alps.