Mark had a session with myself about a year ago and wanted to return to see where he could develop further but also see if any bad habits had crept back.
I set up his new Santa cruz nomad for him and the skills check revealed that he had worked very hard on his physical skill set and was forming into a very tidy rider.
I began working on the coaching drops and worked on his body position to enable him to style it in the air. After a few goes it was becoming an unconcious action and this enabled me to move onto the skills trail to work on his cornering further than before.
In a short while he was riding the entire trail faster than before and feeling controlled and smooth.
I then moved us onto the pump trail and worked further on his pumping to generate free speed.
I then moved onto the woodwork and worked on a low ladder before moving onto an advanced drop. This is a drop from a ladder bridge onto a wooden landing with a gap.

Mark began moving the bike in the air easily and linked it into a wooden berm too. I showed Mark the next section of step up and step down and again he rode it confidently and with commitment.

After a few runs of linking the drop into the berm and then the step up and down, we moved back onto the 6ft tabletop and gap jump from our previous session so Mark could comfortably jump and style without thinking about a new move.
We then moved onto a 9ft gap jump that links into a corner and mark rode it 1st go smoothly and confidently.

We then added a drop before it to the mix and again Mark sailed through the whole line.

Lastly I showed Mark how to ride hip drops which involve a change of direction and again he was able not only to ride it but to make it look nice and smooth too!

Mark began to feel tired and called an end to the session himself. It makes me feel proud when riders I have coached have worked so hard on their riding after their initial session that I can see it all in their riding. Amazing session Mark and i can’t wait to ride with you again!