Rad, Aldonna and Arek wanted to learn to ride jumps , drops and corners and today was their day. Rad was bought a gift voucher for ukbikeskills mountain bike coaching as a birthday present and what a present it turned out to be.

The skills check showed me the missing skills and once corrected, we applied their mental and physical skills sets to the techniques required. pumping and carrying speed through berms was first on the list and they were soon railing them and tempted to do the jump that followed but that was to come after I had taught them to get air. They are from Poland and they were soon to become polish airways as they were soon riding from the three drops and landing with ease.

We moved to jumping tabletops and used the 6ft tabletop. I pieced their skills together gradually and one by one they flew over t he tabletop. After a coffee break we resumed with jumping but this time they applied their mental skills to ride the 6ft gap jump. it was Rad’s first ever gap jump and Aldonna and Areks first for a long time and they were loving it.

We worked on riding steeper terrain and a near vertical drop off and once I had demonstrated two ways of riding down such a feature they all followed suit.

We finished the session with them pumping down a trail, railing three berms and sailing into the air on the final jump.

Awesome end to another amazing week of coaching for myself and Nathan



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