Both Ben and Bill had been for a session before, and returned today to further their skills. I took them straight over to the drops too see where they were in terms of their technique. I could see they had been practicing so I messed around with their speed, reducing it each time to increase the amount of effort they had to put in. Once I had seen this we moved straight over to the tabletop and gap jump, and again I worked on slowing them down to bring out the effort they put in, and jump the same distance with less speed.

After a quick coffee break, we moved over to the three linked berms and larger tabletop. After riding these a few times and getting comfortable with the jump, they both began adding style whilst in the air. They then rode the whole pump and jump trail top to bottom, working on linking jump sections together and carrying the speed through the trail as a whole.

I showed them another dirt gap jump on the hillside. They now had to control their own speed in order to jump the required distance. Mental questions were answered and both of them rode it perfectly.

Our session ended on the 9ft gap jump in the trees. Bill rode it first, but Ben had previously not been able to answer his questions when approaching this. I led him so he could visually see the speed, and soon enough he was flying over the gap, landing perfectly on the downslope. We sat down for 5 to let the adrenalin settle, and then they were both riding the gap together.

Great session boys, despite the rain!

Nath (@ukbikenath)