Simon came to me in order to reawaken the jumping he always knew how to do. So we started the session with the skills check where I discovered that Simon had perfect footwork, and I just needed to correct looking and body positioning. I also discovered that he had a near perfect push, and looking was just a missing factor. I quickly corrected these and after a few set up changes, we moved onto the drop technique. Simon rode of the largest drop and landed perfectly straight away, so I quickly moved on to the skills trail. We linked bermed and flat corners, rock gardens, fly outs, steps and drops and he was soon linking the whole trail together. I then showed him some steep stuff and explained the correct way of rolling down something that was steep, and ended up dropping in sideways. We then worked on a different trail linking more corners, as well as jumps, some larger drops, and some alpine switchbacks. I then took him to the table top where the child in Simon came out, and he was shortly jumping both the 6ft table top and the 6ft gap jump. I then moved him onto a different trail where I showed him how to manual through table tops, which he had a go at and got first time. After a quick break for lunch I moved him onto some north shore, where he comfortably rode a 4ft high ladder leading to a drop. I then showed him a wooden ladder drop, which he rode perfectly. We then worked on a 7ft gap jump, to a 3ft ladder drop, to a 9ft step down, and he was soon linking all 3 sections together. I then showed him some wooden ladder gaps, where I helped him find his confidence in order to fly over the first 2. I then showed him a little ski drop, which was similar to what he did earlier, only made out of wood. He rode this a number of times, and then we went back to the single-track trail, where we finished the session by riding the whole trail together.
Great session Simon!