Rebekah made the trip down from Derby for her session after hearing recommendations from her riding buddies.
On meeting I ran her through the skills check and found the missing skills but also something of great value in riding that she had no idea she did.
I found I had to work on looking and footwork, then later I was able to work on body positioning too. After making the necessary set up changes, it all began to change straight away.

I began with the drop technique and the ease of it using the skill set really shocked her. Rebekah’s bike is quite large and she felt more comfortable on my own so she rode that a bit too and using her new mental skill set also she rode the next drop.
It soon came time to move onto the skills trail itself and I was able to work on basic pumping to harness the trails energy and use it rather than the riders and we used this to ride the next berm and flat corner, later adding in a rock garden and two further corners. Rebekah really began to use her looking and footwork and could feel the control and grip it offered. Body positioning enhanced this further as we added a fly out jump and corner with a step too. I then worked on linking her new drop technique to her cornering and Rebekah even rode the largest drop into the berm.
Now it was time to link all 14 sections contained in the trail together and each run was smoother and faster than the previous. Any errors were worked through and she identified them without me having to say.

We ended our session on the pump and jump trail and I worked on generating speed to enable Rebekah to gain airtime on a tabletop and the look on her face was a picture as she sailed into the air. After quite a few runs our session came to a close and a great session ended.
Awesome riding Rebekah!