Adam had ridden for years but more recently more road based. He has loads of road fitness but came to me for more technical skills on the mtb.
After the skills check I discovered that he had perfect footwork already. I found that he pulled the bars after pushing to un weight so all we had to do was remove this habit and work on Adams looking for things to really start to change shape.
After pumping the trails and the dis connected bunny hop using Adams new un weighting push we moved onto the drop technique. Now this came as a pleasant surprise to Adam how easily he got his wheels off the ground and confidence began to build.
from there we moved onto cornering and on a trail, we worked on linking the sections within it together. Gradually using his new skill set Adam began to ride at the speed he wanted to but up to now was unable to control. corners, roll downs, linked sections and drops were ridden just as another section rather than individualizing them.
We ended the session when mental fatigue suddenly appeared and for the safety of the rider and for retention of the day we headed back to the car park.
Great riding and work on the changes and develop that skill set further Adam.