Charlie has recently got the fear for dropping into any ramp with coping. After our previous session it was clear that he needed to consolidate all the things he had elarned but remove any focus that made him fixate on this fear.
To begin with, we went to a small mini ramp and worked on his coping fear and soon he was dropping in and riding out smoothly. We then moved onto another area entirely to begin to work on turning in a ramp by hopping the bike around.
Next it was time to look at the bowl again and develop Charlie’s pumping and get him to ride out smoother without feeling out of control.

It then became clear that I had broken his fear of riding over the coping and that it was now a height of the ramp issue too. With this in mind I changed the context and had Charlie carving up a wedge and riding across the deck to drop into another quarter pipe.
This soon became smooth and then he was dropping in opposite direction too.

Before our session ended we had a look at an even larger quarter, but the height made Charlie unable to tick off his mental skill set. Our session ended and I gave charlei some parts to work on to take his focus away from the dropping in and I look forward to reading his progress over the xmas period.