The guys all turned up in a convoy and after giving them my commitment for the session we proceeded to the skills check where I find out what’s missing in the skills set but also I uncovered a push in ALL of them!
Gareth had been with me before and it was great to see the skills being used unconciously and the rest followed suit pretty quickly.
The first technique I covered was drops.

In a short space of time the guys all used their natural push which I had helped flourish with the missing looking skill and their mental skill set and were landing perfectly off of all the 3 drops ranging from less than 1ft to 3ft in height.
We then moved onto the trail and we worked on the 14 sections contained within. flat, bermed, off camber and switchback corners were linked to drops, jumps, rock gardens, steps, pumping and speed manuals.
We worked our way down the trail methodically, and soon the flow was beginning to show.
Section after section was linked to the next and the braking zones were used. I worked on body positioning as well as looking and footwork as the guys managed the speed of the trail effectively.

We rode the trail quite a few times end to end and the speed and flow was really building as the skills embedded further and became more natural.
Finally, we moved onto the tabletop where I showed them how and why their push is used here too and each and every one of them sailed over the 6ft tabletop with ease. I even covered tweaking it with Gareth and John!
Our amazing day ended after I gave a demo of the skill set in the freeride environment and they all could see it was the same skills in use.
Awesome session guys!