Adam contacted me wanting to progress his riding to another level and as I always ask, he sent me pictures of him riding at Aston Hill etc..
His main glitch in his riding was his looking down all the time and this gave me a starting point.
Adam already knew how to unweight the front end by pushing as he had been previously coached by Ian Warby so I took up from there.
I started with the base technique of pumping and slowly but surely Adam got to grips with using the trails humps and bumps for his own gain. We left that area and moved straight to the coaching trail where I split the trail into workable thirds. We began on cornering. Adams footwork was already good so we worked on body positioning and looking into the next section.
Gradually Adam managed his speed and the trails only braking in the correct zones and started to really build speed. I then moved down to the next third and we worked on linking sections together that are present in the top two thirds of the trail before finally working on the drop technique.
Things we really looking up and after linking all the sections on the whole trail together it came clear that Adam was the fastest rider on that trail I have coached.
I then moved onto another trail to work on Adams mental skills . I split this trail into two and we worked hard on maintaining speed and control through loose corners and the drop section on the trail, gradually removing pedal points and replacing it with pumping. We then worked on the end sections of the trail which is drop to corner to drop to gap double. As usual, I demonstrated riding the trail with no pedaling and so began working on Adams speed management more.
Adam is not fond of gaps and had confidence issues but soon the double became just another section as we worked each pedal point out of the run . run after run became more fluid as speed was gained more from pumping the trail than by pedalling and Adam rode the whole trail pedal free.
We ended our session when Adam declared being mentally drained but smiling like a Cheshire cat!
Awesome session!!