Kim was bought a session voucher as a xmas gift from her husband and today was the day we’d arranged. Kim explained that she was worried about the session but her fears were soon laid to rest. Kim told me of her fears on her bike and how she gets off and walks loads on singletrack trails. The skills check showed missing footwork and looking areas but had a pretty much perfect body position.

We began with cornering on the grass and began correcting the missing skills before working on Kim’s mental skills when riding down singletrack. We worked on carrying speed through corners and linking sections of trail by control areas. pumping and absorbing sections of the trail were high on the list but before the end of the session, Kim was riding two trails and linking the sections contained within. The surprise for her was how much faster she knew she was but never feeling out of control. Any errors were self diagnosed too as she knew why it was right or wrong. The highlight was riding the whole singletrack trail end to end many times and linking all 14 sections of the trail including drop offs, steps, rocks and a variety of corners.

Brilliant session and huge improvements.


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