Rich and Alison came to me over a year ago and returned for another session to fix any returned errors and move their riding on too.
I could see i needed to work on Rich’ s mental skills as well as Alison’s along with her footwork errors.
We began with the top half of the skills trail to warm up and then onto linking 2 berms together using both skills sets. Later we moved to another trail to work on trail fluidity and their mental skills. Steeps , corners, bus stops, pumping and drop offs were all ridden using their skills sets.
We took a break and resumed with the drop technique and I was able to work on Alison’s body positioning and also with Rich on moving the bike in the air. Soon we moved to the tabletop with Rich clearing the gap jump a few times too!
The heat of the day was a factor and I knew the session didn’t have much time left but we worked hard on the pump and jump trail and carrying speed through berms.
 Cracking session!